What Really is an Organic Mattress?

Organic mattresses are constructed entirely of natural materials that have undergone very little processing. They contain only non-toxic natural materials such as organic cotton,organic wool and natural tree rubber latex. A key distinguishing factor of organic mattresses vs a traditional mattress is…

the fact that organic mattresses have absolutely no dangerous chemicals, adhesives, glues, fire retardants, VOCs, formaldehyde, water or stain resistant chemicals, or toluene in them.
Conventional bed mattresses are comprised primarily of different grades of polyurethane foam, nylon, polyester, vinyl, steal coils and particle board.

Foam is a highly processed, petroleum-based product ladened with toxic chemicals, and treated with anti-microbial and fire or stain resistant chemicals, including polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs). These toxic and carcinogenic (cancer causing) chemicals release fumes into your breathing space when you sleep and migrate through your bedding into your skin’s pores particularly when sweating occurs, causing a plethora of potential health hazards. These chemicals accumulate in breast milk and in fat, and among other health hazards, have been shown to inhibit brain development in animals. The steel coils are often untempered and ungrounded potentially conducting dangerous electromagnetic fields around your bed and the wood particle board used in the bed structure will emit, for a least seven years from purchase, a known carcinogenic chemical called formaldehyde into your breathing space polluting your indoor air.

Organic mattresses have absolutely none of these chemicals in them. They come in a variety of standard sizes – from crib to Californian king and fit conventional bedding and bed frames. They can typically be bought with or without box springs depending on your desired look. The performance, lifespan, comfort and look are virtually identical to the conventional mattress but they often have superior craftsmanship and comfort; some are even hand tufted and stitched. They are made in quality controlled environments in Canada, the USA, Britain, Sweden and Germany.
Organic mattresses are safe, healthy and the greenest mattress you can possibly purchase. Be sure to buy your organic mattress from a reputable and trustworthy source;  see my post, one that provides warranties, guarantees, organic certification and complete transparency in their ingredients and components, and of course free shipping.

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