What’s Really In Your Mattress?

Do we ever really think about what’s inside our bed?
Not often and mostly never, yet we spend more intimate time with our mattress then any other piece of furniture, clothing, or vehicle.
What is actually under the plush cotton hood of your mattress might surprise and even shock you. Ok we do have an idea, “springs and foam”, but what really is foam? What’s on and around it? What are those “new” smells coming from mattresses? What are steal spring coils and what are they coated with? How do they really achieve fire-proofing in mattresses and what chemicals do they spray on the bed where you’ll be laying your head for years?
Mattresses are not cheap, they’re usually an investment piece – an important part of furnishing your home and creating a place for rest and rejuvenation. They are a central, shared piece of furniture where relationships are nurtured, families are created and life at night revolves. Yet often we don’t give the purchase of our mattresses more than a quick comfort test in the store, proclaiming a “yay” or “nay” to more or less layers of cheap foam.
We as consumers must start asking the right questions and seeking the right answers, we need to become wise to the ways of manufacturers and not take for granted that they have our best interest at heart. We must become our own watch dog and protect ourselves from the hidden harms right under our own sleepy heads. Purchasing a mattress without proper in-depth research may lead to a long list of health problems. There have been thousands of alarming cases and recently an increasing list of health complaints associated with conventional mattresses such as skin irritation, asthma, allergies, lung problems, cancers, nervous-system disorders and hormone and reproductive disorders.
Take a good look underneath the hood of your mattress, what are you really sleeping with night after night, is it helping or hindering you? Do your own research, educate yourself and decide honestly if sleeping with carcinogenic chemicals is really a risk you are willing to take.


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