What is Talalay Latex?

Talalay is a type of manufacturing process that works with the natural liquid from rubber trees. Natural latex or non synthetic latex contains no petrochemicals and is often processed using the Talalay method, a method that is more advanced than the traditional Dunlop method. Talalay latex is poured and then the mold is sealed and flash-frozen to stabilize. It has consistent cell structure throughout, making it softer than Dunlop but more expensive. It also typically uses less toxic glues at the seams.
Now there’s lots of information about “natural latex” out there, and lots of contention over how pure the latex really is and how good the processing method is. I have no doubt that most is quite pure but if you’re looking for an organic mattress I always say simple is best: simple materials, simple construction. It is true that this type of mattress is relatively natural compared to your average mattress sold in big box retailers however it is still highly processed – you decide – do you want to eat an organic apple straight from the tree or processed organic apple sauce from a plastic cup?

*Natural latex rubber is coagulated elastic latex which comes from the milky liquid of the rubber trees of South East Asia.


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