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Searching for an organic cotton mattress pad or cover or an organic wool mattress pad?
If you are then I don’t need to dwell on the reasons for your quest, all I will say is that you’re on the right track and keeping anything synthetic or petrochemical based out of your bed is critical.

The best mattress cover for dust mites is a very tight weave organic cotton mattresses cover that completely encases the mattress. If you are searching for a waterproof mattress pad then organic wool wrapped in tightly woven organic cotton is your absolute best option.
Good organic mattress pads are actually hard to find in Canada, and for what is a fairly simple product
no one is really doing a great job at making them. There are some made with wool but very few are made with organic wool which I feel to be of great importance. I have listed the few brands which I think are acceptable – they are listed below at the bottom of this article.

I personally made my own organic wool baby mattress pad by ordering 3 yards of organic wool felt from and wrapping it in a very tightly woven organic cotton canvas fabric that I also got from It was the most economical choice and really the only choice for what I feel to be the best solution, it was also very easy to make. I preferred the fact that the cover and wool liner were separate for washing and for uses in other applications. I first used the wool felt folded over in my bassinet to act as a bassinet mattress pad and then transferred it to the crib, it was also very easy to take traveling as it folded up quite small.
An organic crib mattress pad is best made from organic cotton and wool. Wool and cotton are all that you need to effectively block all leeks for babies and children of all ages – avoid anything made with Vinyl, PVC, Phthalates, DrySleep technology or Latex – even natural latex is not suitable for everyone.

The Best Organic Mattress Pads in Canada
1. The Nahanni Moisture Pad – 4000 by is effective, though from my understanding it is not made from organic wool which may pose a problem for those with allergies, I also prefer to see it wrapped in organic cotton.
2. Shepherds Dream makes an organic wool mattress pad protector that starts at $210
3. Halstens makes what they call a top mattress for extra comfort made out of horsehair
4. For babies one of the best organic cotton mattress pads I’ve found is the Organic Cotton Sherpa by Organic Exchange and sold by Sears and in Vancouver. Only $59!

**Online try and for more organic wool mattress pads.


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