Organic Mattress Covers for Dust Mite Protection!!!

Shocking isn’t it? This is in your bed right now – a dust mite!!!
With the bed bug scare so rampant it got me thinking again (as I went through this last year) that I really should be protecting my mattress. I’ve spent a fortune over the years on organic cotton sheets, all the things that touch the skin and look oh so pretty every morning after I make the bed but then again in shambles after my two rascals get in it. I’ve always put off buying a mattress protector mainly because of the cost and I also thought it was not absolutely necessary since I do have an organic cotton mattress and a mattress pad. Lately however I’ve been waking up a bit stuffy and my eyes slightly puffy and a bit sore.  I’ve been putting it down to shear tiredness (being a mom of 2 boys) but I’ve just finished reading the symptoms of dust mites in your bed and they match my symptoms to the letter!!

Dust Mites – the low down.
Dust mites are invisible to the naked eye but there are millions of them living in your mattress and pillows, stuffed animals, clothing, blankets. If not attended to they can contribute greatly to asthma.

Solutions for Dust Mites:
Wash all bedding every 3 to 7 days in the hottest possible water and use a mattress cover and pillow case covers.

Choosing a Mattress Cover:
Choose a mattress cover that has a mean pore size of less than 6 microns, I would aim however for something between 4.9 and 3.45 being the best (the smaller the better, the tighter the weave and the smaller the holes for the dust mites and their feces to pass through).
100% organic cotton is the only option, do not be lured into the cheaper polyester options!

Symptoms of Dust Mites

If you have experienced one or more of these symptoms you may be over run with dust mites!

1. Nasal congestion
2. Runny nose
3. Sneezing
4. Itchy, red, watery or sore eyes
5. Facial pressure pain
6. Swollen under the eyes
7. Dark lines under the eyes
8. Cough

Dust mites also contribute to full blown allergy symptoms such as difficultly breathing, shortness of breath or wheezing.

The Best place to buy organic cotton mattress protectors/barriers, covers/encasements

1. Allergy Buyers Club

2. Pure Living

Both ship to Canada and are very reputable. There are several run of the mill sites out there claiming to sell organic cotton mattress covers, I say beware and shop with proven reputable suppliers like the two mentioned above.


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