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If you’re at all interested in organic mattresses, organic crib mattresses, organic mattress pads and the like then you’re sure to be interested in these fantastic other sources of  health related info.  If you’re at all health conscious or on the road to becoming that way than take a meander through these informative and very reputable sites. There are things effecting your health that you have absolutely no idea about, believe me, I learn something new everyday.

Below is my Treasure Chest of healthy and sustainable reads, go on… open it!!

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Must Reads about Organic Mattresses and Healthy Beds

If you’re obsessed with Healthy Sleep like I am, here are some great articles and books all about organic mattresses, healthy sleep, and non toxic crib mattresses that are worth reading…

1. Great article about Canadian mattress manufacturer Obasan in the National Post. read article>
2. All about the trickery of the organic mattress business and the latest bedbug scare; a must read in the Huffington Post. read article>
3. The bedbug scare that is rocking N.Y. read article>
4. Great article by about what may be lurking in your baby’s mattress. read article >
5. Fire retardants in your bed are causing alarming health problems, read this excellent explanation of the issue at


What is Talalay Latex?

Talalay is a type of manufacturing process that works with the natural liquid from rubber trees. Natural latex or non synthetic latex contains no petrochemicals and is often processed using the Talalay method, a method that is more advanced than the traditional Dunlop method. Talalay latex is poured and then the mold is sealed and flash-frozen to stabilize. It has consistent cell structure throughout, making it softer than Dunlop but more expensive. It also typically uses less toxic glues at the seams.
Now there’s lots of information about “natural latex” out there, and lots of contention over how pure the latex really is and how good the processing method is. I have no doubt that most is quite pure but if you’re looking for an organic mattress I always say simple is best: simple materials, simple construction. It is true that this type of mattress is relatively natural compared to your average mattress sold in big box retailers however it is still highly processed – you decide – do you want to eat an organic apple straight from the tree or processed organic apple sauce from a plastic cup?

*Natural latex rubber is coagulated elastic latex which comes from the milky liquid of the rubber trees of South East Asia.

What’s Really In Your Mattress?

Do we ever really think about what’s inside our bed?
Not often and mostly never, yet we spend more intimate time with our mattress then any other piece of furniture, clothing, or vehicle.
What is actually under the plush cotton hood of your mattress might surprise and even shock you. Ok we do have an idea, “springs and foam”, but what really is foam? What’s on and around it? What are those “new” smells coming from mattresses? What are steal spring coils and what Read more

The Harmful Effects of a Conventional Mattress – Gail’s Story

Mattresses are a big purchase and one that you don’t want to have to make too often. A good friend of my mother’s purchased a new conventional (non-organic) mattress over a month ago now. It was a top of the line latex mattress for around $4000.00. It all sounded quite decadent with its multi layers of foams – like buying a layered sponge cake. Gail had been suffering from lower back and hip pain, restless sleep – waking up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason and finding it very difficult to fall back asleep – and a general lack of energy. She decided, and rightly so, that her 12 year old mattress needed to be replaced, that it was likely contributing to her growing health concerns. It was time to make an investment in her health and happiness.
I went to visit her about 2 weeks after she had received her new mattress; Read more

How To Pick the Perfect Organic Mattress

Picking the perfect mattress often comes down to 3 important factors
1. Cost and Size
2. Firmness
3. Materials

Cost and Size

Are you choosing a mattress to sleep on for a year while at school, are you a couple purchasing your first mattress or are you a seasoned mattress buyer? Cost plays a major part in all cases. If you plan to be sleeping on your bed regularly for more than a year you are then looking at more of an investment purchase, one that’s worth spending slightly more on to get good quality that will last and give you the rest you deserve. If you are a couple, a major decision is Read more

What Really is an Organic Mattress?

Organic mattresses are constructed entirely of natural materials that have undergone very little processing. They contain only non-toxic natural materials such as organic cotton,organic wool and natural tree rubber latex. A key distinguishing factor of organic mattresses vs a traditional mattress is…

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