Find the Best Organic Crib Mattress for Your Baby

organic baby crib mattressIn my opinion there are only 2 reputable organic crib mattress manufacturers in Canada and the US. I’ve ordered from both manufacturers for my family and for several clients of my Architectural and Interior Design Firm. I have sent numerous organic crib mattresses back to other manufacturers over the years in complete disgust at the quality and toxic smells emitting from the mattress itself and the packaging it was sent in. When it comes to babies there can be no compromises and no second guessing, they must be sleeping on the best non toxic crib mattress money can buy. I always advise my clients to allocate the majority of their baby budget on an organic baby crib mattress rather than on decorations and frills for their baby’s room. People often tell me that they can’t afford an organic mattress yet they’ve spent hundreds of dollars on pillows, bumpers, stuffed toys, and shelves packed with ornaments that the baby will never appreciate until they have grown up and left home!
If you’re pregnant or expecting to be soon it can be very overwhelming and frustrating to know what to buy for your new little one. I always tell my clients when they’re purchasing for the nursery to keep it as minimal and as simple as possible. Don’t pack it full of stuff and don’t put anything in there that wasn’t around when your grandmother was a baby. That is to say if there are any petrochemicals in it don’t buy it! Simple ingredients such as… Read more

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